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Jira Software

JIRA provides smart tools for managing teams, programs, and Agile projects.
Teams that use JIRA optimize their workflows, improve their ability to predict and estimate development time and shorten development processes overall.
JIRA’s rich feature set enables you to create flexible plans and adopt the best and fastest methods for your organization.

Quick Set Up 

Implement your Jira software after Analyze processes and define system architecture according to the needs of the organization In order to formulate an optimal architecture that will enable the needs of management to be taken into account while providing operational and managerial flexibility to the work teams.


We can integrate and connect your favorite software tools with Jira Software. We do Integration between JIRA and other systems such as Salesforce, SNOW, QC, TFS and more.


Ongoing maintenance and support service for the JIRA system. Permanent support and maintenance of Atlassian systems remotely controlled by Methoda America experts. The service we will provide is matched to the customer's needs and the level of service required.


Defining a methodology appropriate to the needs of the organization based on accepted working methods including: Agile, Water fall, Scrum fall, Less, Safe, Lean and others.


When you decide move from your current application, we will migrate to Jira Software. We migrate from parallel systems: QC, TFS and more. We have extensive experience in importing information and integration with launching enterprise systems through Jira's REST API and through additional information import and export interfaces. 


Methoda has developed a number of training tracks that have been successfully delivered to users from many companies. These routes are customizable to your organization or regularly performed for the general public.

Our Clients

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